Slides Intro to Provable Security online

Geschrieben am 12.06.20 von Jacqueline Brendel

You will now find the slides for the introductory lecture on provable security in the "materials" section.

Schedule Changed

Geschrieben am 20.05.20 von Jacqueline Brendel

Please note that the schedule has changed.

Schedule and Topic Assignment

Geschrieben am 13.05.20 (letzte Ă„nderung am 13.05.20) von Jacqueline Brendel

The schedule with Zoom details and the topic assignment have been sent out via email. Home page updated to reflect this. Calendar entries added.

Registration open

Geschrieben am 30.04.20 von Jacqueline Brendel

Students assigned to the proseminar can now register for the course in the CMS until May 10, 2020.

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