Your Papers and Summaries

Geschrieben am 28.04.2023 14:02 von Matthis Kruse

Hello all,

not everyone has given their preferences with regards to the paper they want to present.
Regardless, paper assignment was due today. You can find your paper on your personal status page in the CMS.
If you are in e.g. tutorial slot 5, your paper is number 5. Ignore the tutorial time.

For the summaries, the assignment will be as follows:

If you have paper 1, you summarize papers 3 and 10.
If you have paper 3, you summarize papers 5 and 11.
If you have paper 5, you summarize papers 10 and 12.
If you have paper 10, you summarize papers 11 and 1.
If you have paper 11, you summarize papers 12 and 3.
If you have paper 12, you summarize papers 1 and 5.

Let us know if you've got any questions, be it with regards to your paper or organization of the seminar.

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