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Written: 07.06.2021 17:14 Written By: Dominic Steinhöfel

Dear all,

as you can already tell from the title of this message, this is about some totally unrelated things which I wanted to tell you about (but not in separate messages).

In the materials section (auxiliary material), you find a link to the "pFuzzer" approach for systematically covering the input space of a parser. These inputs can, e.g., be used to derive high-quality grammars using Mimid.

Since we already have set our presenters for session #8, there remains no degree of freedom for choosing the presenters of the final 5-min-presentations, which will be Eric and Kev. I'll provide you with more information about the paper we'll discuss at least one week before the session, as usual.

I also wanted to write down Andreas' remark on presenting evaluation results: You have to state the corresponding research question or goal before presenting the actual numbers, since otherwise, those numbers have no real meaning. This is, of course, all the more important when writing a paper (and not presenting it). If you conduct an evaluation without a precise question to answer, it's questionable whether you're conducting anything at all.

Last but not least, some words on the assignments of papers for the long presentations at the end of the seminar: Since by now, most papers are known to everyone, and soon everyone will know about all available papers, we will not have a first-come-first-serve assignments procedure for the long talks to avoid any struggles ;) Instead, I'm going to collect preferences from you and will try to achieve a fair distribution. More about this will follow in due time.

Best Regards,

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