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Papers for Seminar Sessions at May 17th and 31st

Written: 03.05.2021 15:07 Written By: Dominic Steinhöfel

Dear all,

the papers for our sessions at May 17th and 31st are already set. Please note that May 24th is a public holiday, and our seminar consequently will not take place that week. This means that you have more time for reading and summarizing the two papers for May 31st. I would recommend you to use that time, since one of the papers we'll discuss that week is quite lengthy (though not particularly dense).

The paper for May 17th is "Your Proof Fails? Testing Helps to Find the Reason" by Petiot et al. It is about the interesting use case of testing specifications that were not meant to be tested, but have been written for formal (deductive) verification. The authors propose a testing methodology that helps debugging failed proof attempts.

This concludes the first part of the seminar about testing specifications. Next, we will have a look at how to derive them.

The papers for May 31st are "Quick Specifications for the Busy Programmer" by Smallbone et al., and "Computing Summaries of String Loops in C for Better Testing and Refactoring" by Kapus et al. Both discover equational specifications, however using very different methodologies and for different use cases. The QuickSpec paper is a long journal paper, but quite easy to read and not very dense, while the paper about string loops is written in two-column layout and is somewhat more formal in my opinion. Due to the public holiday, you have one additional week for preparing the summaries for these papers.

Please submit your summaries before the day the respective seminar session takes place. Submission does not close before 10:00 AM at the day of the seminar, but this is only meant to counteract technical problems etc. Personally, I'd suggest you already submit the Fridays before, then you have a free weekend!

I have already uploaded all papers to the materials section and also updated the seminar program page.

Best Regards,

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