Exam regulations reminder

Written on 28.07.2016 14:01 by Christian Rossow

This is a reminder for tomorrow's exam and its regulations:

  • Be there on time (around 11:45 hrs) in the Guenter-Hotz-Hoersaal. We aim to start at 12:00 sharp.
  • The exam lasts 120 mins and you can earn up to 120 points. You'll pass with 50% or more.
  • Bring your student ID.
  • You may bring and use one handwritten double-sided A4 sheet that contains any notes you like to have. We will rigorously reject any printed A4 sheet.
  • You can bring and use an English/German dictionary.
  • Use a non-erasable pen to answer the exam.
  • Respect the seating plan to see where you are seated. It's uploaded to CMS and will also be made available tomorrow.
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