Re-Exam and LSF Registration

Written on 06.10.2016 12:28 by Markus Bauer

Our re-exam takes place next week, Friday 14.10.2016.

  • If you are admitted, you have to register in the LSF / Hispos system by today (Thursday)! Otherwise you will not be allowed to take the re-exam.
  • If you are not admitted but already registered for the re-exam, you have to unregister in the LSF / Hispos system by today (Thursday)! Otherwise we have to count this exam as a failed attempt.

You are admitted to the re-exam if and only if you have been admitted to the first exam. Please do so as soon as possible. The LSF does not accept registrations / unregistrations later that Thursday. In case of problems, please contact us as soon as possible.

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