Python tutorial and Askbot

Written on 25.04.2016 16:54 by Christian Rossow

Short reminder for the thrilling Python tutorials on Tuesday (tomorrow!) taught by Michael Brengel:

  • Tue 10:15 - 12:00: in E2.1 (Bioinformatics building) room 001 ("Aquarium")
  • Tue 16:15 - 18:00: in E1.3 (CS building) room 003 (next to our usual lecture room)

Both tutorials feature the exact same content, so it is advised to attend just one session. Will be fun!

And also: As promised in the lecture, we have set up an Askbot [1] instance. Askbot is a Stackoverflow-like system where you can ask questions about topics related to the lecture and other students can help out and gain (toy) credits. Try it out! No need to say that the Askbot participation will not influence your grade.


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