Final Presentations (9 July, 7 September, 8 September)

Written on 30.06.2021 10:57 by Rafael Dutra

Dear students,

We have assigned the final topics as follows:


Benjamin Peters
1) Delta Debugging


Ali Alhasani
2) Evocative Patterns for Behavioral Abstraction


Osama Altamar
3) Language of Program Behaviors


Birk Blechschmidt
4) Mining Dynamic Invariants


Tim Speicher
5) Mining Program Input Grammars


Florian Bauckholt
6) A review of reverse debugging (Time-travel Debugging)


Vikram Vashishth
7) Compiler Validation via Equivalence Modulo Inputs (EMI)


Ruiyi Zhang
8) MultiSE: Multi-Path Symbolic Execution using Value Summaries (MultiSE)


Vinay Tilwani
9) Smart Greybox Fuzzing (AFLSmart)


Reza Zamiri
10) FormatFuzzer: Effective Fuzzing of Binary File Formats (FormatFuzzer)


The first presentation day will be Friday 9 July in the morning at 10:00.

Tim and Osama are scheduled to present on 9 July.


There will be two additional presentation days in September: Tuesday 7 September in the morning at 9:00 and Wednesday 8 September in the afternoon at 14:00.

Birk, you can choose to present either in July or in September, as you prefer.



Rafael + Rahul + Zeller

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