Please register in LSF for the Seminar before May 10

Written on 28.04.2021 17:01 by Andreas Zeller

Dear all,

The CS examination office tells us that all students are asked to register for the exams for the summer semester 2021. For (pro)seminars, registration or cancellation is possible up to three weeks after the topic assignment or kick-off meeting. In our case, this was April 19, 2021, which means that you have to register in LSF by May 10 at the latest.


In case of problems wih the exam registration, students of the MI faculty should contact: Other students have to contact their examination office.

If you are not a student of Computer Science or Cybersecurity, please read on:

These students are not able to register in HISPOS:

  • Wirtschaftsinformatiker (Business Informatics)
  • VSIMint
  • Master IT und Recht
  • Bachelor-Plus MINT
  • Erasmusstudents
  • guest students

Currently the following students of the Computer Science department cannot register in HISPOS:

  • Bachelor of Computer Science, StO 2020
  • Bachelor Cyber Security, StO 2020
  • Bachelor Media Informatics, StO 2020
  • Master Media Informatics, StO 2020
  • Bachelor Mathematics and Computer Science, StO 2020
  • Teacher of computer science, StO 2020

If you fall into any of these categories, let us know, and we will forward your names and grades to the examination office after the seminar. We hope that the courses will be implemented in HISPOS by the start of the exam period and that exam registration will be possible then.

All the best,

Andreas Zeller

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