Abstract Submissions for Language of Program Behaviors

Written on 14.05.2021 08:23 by Rahul Gopinath

Dear Students,

As we mentioned during the previous week, the next seminar will be on "Language of Program Behaviors". The following publications provide the basic background.

* Input Algebras
  Gopinath, Nemati, Zeller
  Talk: Osama Altamar
*  Learning the Language of Error
  Chapman, Chockler, Kesseli, Kroening, Strichman, Tautschnig
  Talk: Reza Zamiri

We expect a short abstract, no more than one page, capturing the essential ideas. As before you can use the following latex snippet to determine what fits in a single page and what doesn't.


\title{My Title}


Please upload your summary as a PDF to the CMS submission slot (you can use the above latex code to generate the PDF). The submission slot for evocative patterns abstracts is here:

Please submit your abstracts before the class.



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