Abstract Submissions on Mining Program Input Grammars

Written on 06.06.2021 23:16 by Rahul Gopinath

Dear Students,

As we mentioned during the previous meeting, the next seminar will be on "Mining Program Input Grammars". The following publication and fuzzing book chapter provide the basic background.

*  Mining Input Grammars from Dynamic Control Flow
  Gopinath, Mathis, Zeller
* Mining Input Grammars from Dynamic Taints
  Höschele, Zeller

We expect a short abstract, no more than one page, capturing the essential ideas. As before you can use the following latex snippet to determine what fits in a single page and what doesn't.


\title{My Title}


Please upload your summary as a PDF to the CMS submission slot (you can use the above latex code to generate the PDF). The submission slot for dynamic invaraint abstracts is here:

Please submit your abstracts before the class.



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