Trustworthy Graph Neural Networks Aleksandar Bojchevski


Materials, Topic Assignment, Registration

Written: 29.10.2021 17:05 Written By: Aleksandar Bojchevski

Dear students,

Thank you for participating in the kickoff meeting! The recording and the slides are uploaded on the materials page.

On the same page (which you can also access via Information->Materials) you will find the link to the live document where you need to rank the topics according to your preferences. The deadline for completing the ranking is in one week on 05.11.21 at 23:55.

You can find the seed papers for each topic on the topics page (which you can also access via Information->Topics). Skimming them can help you make an informed decision.

On the materials page, in the GNN Resources section, you can find links to lectures and other resources that provide an introduction to graph neural networks. I would recommend starting with the MLGS lecture, but this is optional and up to you. In case you find some other useful resources please share them and I can add them to the list.

Reminder: Registration on the CMS or allocation via SIC does not automatically imply registration on LSF. Therefore, don't forget to register the seminar on LSF. In case you decide to drop out of the seminar let me know ASAP so a student on the waiting list can join.

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