Final Presentation Dates & Submission Deadline

Written on 21.02.2022 18:45 by Aleksandar Bojchevski

Dear Students,

The only two dates when everyone is available according to the poll, and thus the official dates for the final presentations, are:

  • Thursday (10.03) Afternoon (13:00 -- 18:00)
  • Friday (11.03) Afternoon (13:00 -- 18:00)

On Thursday we will have the presentations for the following topics in the given order:

  • Evasion attacks
  • Poisoning attacks
  • Privacy attacks
  • Privacy-preserving GNNs

On Friday:

  • Bias
  • Algorithmic fairness
  • Instance-level explanations
  • Model-level explanations

Reminder that attendance is mandatory, and that the deadline for submitting the second version of your paper and your presentation is this Friday (25.02.22).


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