Final Presentations

Written on 09.03.2022 10:43 by Aleksandar Bojchevski

Dear Students,

As previously announced the final presentations are scheduled for this Thursday (10.03) from 13:00 -- 18:00, and this Friday (11.03) from 13:00 -- 18:00. You can use this link to join the Zoom meeting. Remember that attendance is mandatory.

A few small last-minute tips on your presentations (you are allowed to make changes compared to the slides you uploaded):

  • Make sure you have practiced your presentation at least once and that you are within the allotted time limit (25 – 30 minutes)!
  • Your slides should have slide numbers, so we can easily refer to them during the Q&A part.
  • I would avoid having a final slide that is just a "Thank You" or just a "Questions?" slide. Often, this slide stays visible the longest during the Q&A and it's "wasted". Instead, I would make the final slide the summary slide of what you have been talking about. This might inspire people to ask more questions.

See you all tomorrow!


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