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Length and Duration of your Presentation

Written: 15.01.2019 16:16 Written By: Matthias Fassl

Dear Students,

We hope you are enjoying your usable security mini research projects. We are really looking forward to your final presentations and therefore have a series of instructions and suggestions.
Due to the large amount of projects and limited amount of time, we will be very strict with the timeline. Your presentation should be 15 minutes max (shorter is ok too) to have enough time for questions and switching speakers. Similar to all real security conferences, we will therefore interrupt you after 15 minutes. Please prepare your talks accordingly and be crisp. Focus on the essentials!
We encourage you to use your presentation time to talk about the fun part of your research: which results are particularly interesting or surprising? What worked well, what did NOT work well? What would you do differently next time? Was your method really suitable to answer your research question?
Do not be afraid of reporting negative outcomes! Negative results will not affect your grades. We are more interested in your learning experience and the critical reflection on your research!
Recommended structure for your talk:
- Research question (1-2 minutes)
- Methodology and participants (3-4 minutes)
- Results (3-5 minutes)
- Criticial reflection, lessons learned, takeaways, surprises, what would you differently next time (4-7 minutes)
For the deadline on the 8th of February, please prepare a documentation/protocol of your research. Briefly describe your research question, sketch out your experimental design/tool, present the results and analysis and attach all data. Your report should conclude with a brief critical reflection (about half a page, bullet points are enough!)
If there are any further questions, feel free to contact us!

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