Clarifications on the Coding Process in Assignment 2

Written on 22.05.2019 19:43 by Katharina Krombholz

Dear students, we are sorry, there was a typo in Section 5 of Assignment two.

"Forward your coded transcribed interview and your codebook to one of your fellow students. You should get their interview and codebook in return. Do not share your coded data with them as two coders should code the data independent from each other! Code your partner’s interview using their codebook and send it back to them. Try to do this step quickly, since your partner cannot continue their work until you are done."

We have uploaded an updated version to CMS.

If you have already shared your coded interview with your interview partner, please send them your data without the codes you assigned. In real life, it would be suboptimal if your partner has already seen your coded data (as coders would not independent). For this assignment, this is not a problem as the learning experience is what counts!




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