Grading of exercises / Gameserver feedback / no lecture next week

Written on 18.05.2018 16:21 by Ben Stock

Since not all of you attended the tutorial today, let me fill you in on a couple of things:

  • The gameserver only checks one specific exploit. Just because this does not work anymore does not mean that your fix was correct, only that our one exploit stopped working. Please double check your code to see that the flaw is actually gone (e.g., by attacking it with your own exploit).
  • We have deducted points from answers that are not brief. We don't this out of spite, but rather to give you feedback that an answer was too long. We do this now where it does not hurt too much, rather than having you answer only half the questions in the exam in a verbose manner, not allowing you to have time for any other tasks.
  • Starting from sheet #4, you'll get brief feedback on why we deducted points via CMS. If you still feel the need to discuss any specifics with Sebastian, today's slides show his office hours.

Last but not least: there will be no lecture next week. This is why this week's sheet has 60 points and is due on May, 30th.

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