Grading for #9 / Note on #10 / Q&A lecture

Written on 05.07.2018 07:34 by Ben Stock

The grading for sheet 9 is online since last night. As in the previous weeks, please approach me if you have questions regarding the grading/feedback.

For sheet 10, please note that you naturally have another key than we do for the CRIME attack. Hence, just giving you key from the config is pointless. Also, if you run into trouble with the attack, try to make sure that you add more redundancy to your message to best leverage the compression oracle.

Last, but not least, regarding the Q&A lecture: as this requires a bit of preparation, make sure that all your desired topics and votes are in the Askbot before Tuesday, 8am. After that, I will feel free to ignore any additional questions coming in, to make sure that those questions asked early are being addressed properly in the lecture.

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