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Evaluation results

Written: 11.07.2018 14:32 Written By: Ben Stock

Sadly, just a couple hours to late, the evaluation results have arrived. They are available at https://cms.cispa.saarland/websec18/dl/39/Evaluation_results.pdf

First of all, thanks for the positive feedback. It seems like many of you enjoyed the course as much as I did. Thank you also for suggested improvements. I want to address a couple of them here:

  • As for the exercise bugs, these were related to us developing screecher alongside the lecture, which is kind of fixed "by design" for the next iteration.
  • The assignment of teams is a known issue: scaling things up to 60 VMs seems infeasible (also for grading reasons), and reducing the course to 30 people would have left half of you not attending the lecture :) More tutors are not really an option, as we get no funding from the university for advanced lectures.
  • I doubt that there will be a script, but we can add comments about related books.

Thanks again for those items. We will try to incorporate the feedback in the next iteration!

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