Evaluation results

Written on 11.07.2018 14:32 by Ben Stock

Sadly, just a couple hours to late, the evaluation results have arrived. They are available at

First of all, thanks for the positive feedback. It seems like many of you enjoyed the course as much as I did. Thank you also for suggested improvements. I want to address a couple of them here:

  • As for the exercise bugs, these were related to us developing screecher alongside the lecture, which is kind of fixed "by design" for the next iteration.
  • The assignment of teams is a known issue: scaling things up to 60 VMs seems infeasible (also for grading reasons), and reducing the course to 30 people would have left half of you not attending the lecture :) More tutors are not really an option, as we get no funding from the university for advanced lectures.
  • I doubt that there will be a script, but we can add comments about related books.

Thanks again for those items. We will try to incorporate the feedback in the next iteration!

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