New jeopardy challenge: DNS rebinding

Written on 04.11.2019 18:55 by Ben Stock

We have released a new jeopardy challenge. Your goal is quite easy: gain access to the startpage of the from the crawler's browser. The solution is not as easy :-)

To achieve that, you must run a DNS rebinding attack against the crawler. To that end, you must leverage the rbndr service (for details see The service will randomly return one of the two IP addresses specified in the hostname.

We have set up our infrastructure such that if the IP points to the websec server (, you can access your attacker directory. In particular, the following URL will point to user 1's attacker directory: Naturally, this only works for 50% of all requests as the rbndr service will either return or

This also means that your solution is not necessarily deterministic. When you provide a URL to the crawler, it will remain on the page for 2 minutes. In that time, find a way to rebind. Our proof-of-concept works in around 50s, so you should be fine. Use your gameserver endpoint to leak the data. Note that since the attack is non-deterministic, you may need to submit the same URL multiple times. Based on pure chance, there should not be a need to submit the same URL more than ~4 times.

As a final hint: for flushing the DNS cache, we suggest you ensure that the lookup points to If you use any other range, Chrome will attempt to establish a connection which times out. This will cost you important time (recall the 120s timeout).

With that, happy rebinding!

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