Jeopardy challenges, functionality checks, and deadlines ... and live lectures?

Written on 16.11.2020 11:42 by Ben Stock

[Please read carefully until the end]

We have released the first jeopardy challenge. Please go to for the details. Note that we have extended the deadlines for the first batch a bit. Those will be due on January 5, 11:59am. The deadlines will also be listed in the Jeopardy view.

In addition, given the question in the Q/A session, let me clarify deadlines. The deadline for anything related to Screecher is usually the Monday after the release of the sheet at noon. That is, we check for the last time right after 12:00. Any patches that are not on the VM by that will not be taken into account for the admission to the exam.

Finally, I would like to hear your opinion regarding the format of the lecture. Given that last week, I had 35 participants, but only 17 in the Q/A today, I am wondering what format would work best. Can you please help me answer this question by filling the doodle at

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