New Django Patches + Changes in crawler infrastructure

Written on 17.11.2020 16:45 by Marius Steffens

Hey all,

We have provided a final(tm) patch for the flakyness induced by the Django DB interaction. Again, we have pulled those changes to your VM iff there were no conflicts. 

We have made a small adjustment in the file regarding cookies.

Additionally, we noticed that some of the students used third-party features or security middlewares to implement parts of the exercises. Since we do not want to teach you how to use these frameworks or how to enable security middlewares in django, but rather, confront you with the nitty gritty details, we have decided to check for such changes. Starting from the next tick, we will abort our checking procedure once we have detected such alterations. This also means that if we were unable to pull on your machine/if you have changed the file, checking will not proceed unless you pull/revert your changes.  

To raise the point again: You should not change anything outside of the application folders (in particular not the  


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