New challenges / Updated timeline & hints

Written on 04.01.2021 15:39 by Ben Stock

Unfortunately, there was a small bug in the deployment (again :-() today. We fixed this now and your screecher instances should work. For those without conflicts, I have already pulled and migrated. For the rest, please fix your things :-) 

Apart from this, there are two new jeopardy challenges. I helps to think about the example of improper sanitization from today's Q/A session to get an idea of what might be to do for the SQL injection task. 

Finally, we have slightly adjusted the timeline for the first set of Jeopardy challenges, which will now run until right before the Office Hour on Wednesday, which will be used to present the solutions. Note also that for base href and unsafe hashes, there is a hint on where the flag is. Arguably, if you solve one, solving the other should be trivial :-)

Note that once the deadline has passed, you can still solve the exercises (crawlers are still operational), but you will not get points towards exam admission.

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