Exam format

Written on 24.01.2021 13:52 by Ben Stock

Given the pandemic, we will not be holding in-person written exams. Instead, we will conduct oral exams starting from the day on which we had originally planned the exam until Friday of that week. To keep the effort low, I have set up a Calendly instance ( for you to book your slots.

Please do not use your real name when booking, but instead use your initials plus last digit of the matriculation number (e.g., BS1). If you don't feel comfortable adding an email address, feel free to use Every slot can be booked exactly once, so once you have booked a slot, that cannot be taken from you. I will also put up a list in the CMS with the slots once we scheduling is finished.

Also note that unless you cannot register through LSF, you have to be registered there by at the latest February 2. If your study course does not allow registration through LSF, please figure out if there is another official way to register (e.g., paper-based). Should that not be the case, drop me an email with your point of contact at the examination office *and register through CMS*. 

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