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Exam requirements

Written: 02.02.2021 08:12
Modified: 02.02.2021 12:08
Written By: Ben Stock

Since I received this question, I want to clarify for all: in order to take part in the oral exam, we need to a) be able to hear you and b) be able to see you during the exam. This is both to make sure that we can check your student ID and more importantly it's the regulation of the university to ensure there is nobody else around you and you do the exam without help. That is, you need to have a working microphone and a working camera. Note that if you don't have those, you will not be able to take part in the examination.

For privacy protection reasons, we will not be monitoring what you are doing on your device (no screensharing or "proctoring" software). Note that although this is the case, you may not use any cheatsheet or such (I promise you, it also would not help much). 

Please note that I have taken the decision to move to only-online oral exams in the interest of everyone (including and in particular the students) to avoid unnecessary exposure to others in this pandemic. Please be fair and don't try to abuse this fact (not claiming anyone would, just please don't make me regret that :-)).

Finally, if you have concerns regarding privacy or such on Zoom, let me know early on. If we absolutely have to, we can also rely on something else, albeit my experiences with any other system thus far have been underwhelming.

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