Excluded topics

Written on 03.02.2021 20:50 by Ben Stock

Please note that the following topics are excluded from the things we'll cover in the oral exams

  • History of the Web (but, know which version of HTTP supports what)
  • Randomness of JavaScript (e.g., from the sheet). You should have an understanding of things like prototype chaining and what this can be used for, though
  • Exact structure of MySQL information_schema (but know what you can use that for), Drupageddon
  • POP Chains (vBulletin example) from the Q/A session, but know how POP works and how to exploit a vulnerability
  • Jinja: exact exploit chain, but have an understanding of how it would work
  • TLS-specific attacks (e.g., logjam)

Anything not on this list is fair game in the exams, that includes topics from the videos, the Q/A sessions and the jeopardies/Screecher challenges. 

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