Oral exam results

Written on 15.02.2021 20:20 by Ben Stock

I have put the results of the oral exams into the CMS now. All who participated also now have a submission for an exercise sheet; this was the easiest way to provide feedback through the CMS. The grading scheme is quite strict, which is based on the fact that our written exams are also very strict about necessary details and we did not want to favor students from this year over last year. Overall, the distribution of grades is similar enough to the previous year to lead me to believe this is correct.

Note that in your "submission", you will find reasons for why we deduct percentage points from a theoretical maximum of 100%. Here, we followed the same guides as we would for grading a written exam. We also set the same mark for 1.0 (90%) and the same steps for all following grades. 

As indicated in the beginning of the term, you can use the backup (oral) exam to improve your grade. This will happen at the beginning of April and I will let you know more details about when this will be later. Since the plan was to have the written re-exam on April 9, assume that we will do the backup exams in that week as well.

PS: unless I miscounted something, all results are final. If there is a mismatch between the feedback and the points visible in the CMS, please reach out.  

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