Slightly delayed exercises, lecture video and Q/A lecture

Written on 09.11.2020 11:41 by Ben Stock

Given that some student left the course last minute and others joined, we had a mix-up between the CMS and the Screecher infrastructure. We only noticed this morning and have to roll out things again. The exercises are therefore delayed slightly (hopefully at most 48hrs). In the mean time, you can have a look at the video for the second lecture, which is now available (see Information -> Lecture Access).

Regarding our Q/A lecture for next week, this will be a combination of quizzes and things that students would like to have clarified. If there is something that you do not understand, send me a message until Friday noon so I can incorporate these slides into the deck for Monday.

Also, note that we have released a theoretical exercise sheet on the first lecture (see Information -> Materials). The questions of it will also be discussed in the meeting on Monday. Also, I am uploading the slides for the quiz and the second lecture now, so please have a look at the questions and be prepared to answer the questions :-)


We will be in touch shortly with the information about exercise infrastructure.

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