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Release the Screecher!!

Written: 09.11.2020 20:59 Written By: Ben Stock

Hi folks,

due to heroic efforts from our team, we can now release Screecher to you!

Each student has a gameserver secret in their CMS (see your personal status page). This, together with your CMS username, serves as the login for
- https://gitlab.websec.saarland (which hosts your personal repository of Screecher)
- https://gameserver.websec.saarland (which has all the information you need, such as leak secret and the SSH keys you need to connect)
- Your own instance, e.g., https://team1.screecher.de is also only accessible with your CMS username and gameserver secret

Please note the following: your leak secret and gameserver are *not* the same. If you accidentally have your gameserver secret stolen, that is a problem (see the doors this opens above). If you have your leak secret stolen, others can poison your feedback tab. This is annoying, but not as bad as the gameserver secret. Please don't have your gameserver secret stolen.

As promised, we will prolong the deadline for which you can get points by a day, meaning until Tuesday, November 17. Please find the exact exercise sheet in the materials section of the CMS.

Again, apologies for the delay. We hope to be able to promise it will not happen again :-)

Happy implementing!

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