Askbot Anonymous Questions + Tag requirements removed

Written on 11.11.2020 11:13 by Marius Steffens

Hey all,

Quick update on the Askbot: You should now be able to ask a question without needing to specify tags (thanks again for providing us with feedback to improve your experience).

On another note: We encourage you to ask questions without using the anonymous feature. This makes for a little more "human interaction", which is already very tough in this online setting. Remember that if something is unclear to you, there will probably be others in the course that encountered the same issues, so there is absolutely no shame in asking questions. 

If those things did not convince you, if you have any issues with your VM or something, the TAs would also be able to help you better as they already know which instance to look at.

Have fun and see you the latest next week in the Q/A session or the tutorial tomorrow!

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