Taking gamification to the next level: our CTF team saarsec

Written on 29.06.2021 22:36 by Ben Stock

Hi all,

if you liked the challenges we did for FoWS, you'll probably also like playing actual CTFs ;-) Our local team saarsec is regularly participating in these and there are two great Attack/Defense CTFs (somewhat similar to Screecher, but round-based with frequently changing flags) coming up (on July 10 and July 18) These CTFs, which typically for for 8-10 hours, will allow you to apply your exploitation, patching, and automation skills. Some more info about the CTF team can be found at

We have regular meetings on Thursday at 5pm, held virtually at the moment. If you are interested in joining for the meeting, send me an email and I can provide you with access to the meeting URL. If you want to then join more regularly, you'll get an invite to saarsec's Mattermost channel, which we use for all the coordination.

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