Outlook for next two weeks / Final reminder for evaluation ;-)

Written on 09.07.2021 13:09 by Ben Stock

I have just uploaded the slides and video of the final regular lecture today. We will meet next week (16.7.2021) at the regular time to discuss the second batch of jeopardy challenges. I will run through the steps of each challenge and we will also release a "walkthrough" guide. The week after (23.7.2021), we will have our exam preparation, in which I will give you hints on what to expect in the exam and what types of answers we will look for.

Generally speaking, the exam will be very practical. That is, if you managed to do all the jeopardy and screecher challenges (or understood how they work from the provided solutions), you should not have a hard time with the majority of the exam. Examples of some of the more theoretical questions can be found in the Reading Guide, so I encourage everyone to have a look at the control tasks (solutions are the end of the reading guide). 

Finally, as a reminder, if you have not yet evaluated the lecture, please do so before July 15, at which point the system will be shut off. The link to the evaluation is:

Have a nice weekend!

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