Exam preparation and planning

Written on 13.07.2021 16:33 by Ben Stock

To allow everyone to have some more time to prepare specifically for the types of questions you might expect, we will use this week's slot to not only explain the jeopardy solutions, but also to provide a general idea of what you can expect from the exam. In the final meeting on July 23, I will cover topics that you can nominate which should be clarified. Please add your topics as answers to the post in the Askbot at

If you plan to take the exam on July 28, note the following important points:

  • You need to get at least 26 points until this Friday, 10am, at which point Jeopardy challenges will stop yielding points.
  • You need to be registered through LSF until July 21. If for some reason you cannot register through LSF, send me an email before that deadline. You cannot register after July 21.
  • Based on my interpretation of the current Saarland Corona rules - and importantly in the interest of everyone's safety - you may only attend the exam if you are a) fully vaccinated (+14 days since last shot), b) recovered from Covid (PCR positive <6 months and >4 weeks ago), or c) have a negative quick test which is no older than 24h. You can either get tested for free where you live or make an appointment in the UdS test center ( 
  • Should your quick test come back positive, but a PCR test after is negative, send me the quick test result and I will make sure that you having missed the exam will not be counted as a failed attempt. If the PCR test is positive as well, you can send that information to the university to be exempted.

Note also the regulation from the university regarding masks during the exam:

While entering/leaving the room (this includes also waiting situations), moving in the room, and while talking to supervisors, medical mouth-nose protection (surgical masks) or FFP 2 / KN 95 / N95 masks are mandatory. It is recommended that everyone (including supervisors) wears protective masks during the entire exam, also while sitting at the seat.

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