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Written on 23.07.2021 10:51 by Ben Stock

Quick reminder about the details for the exam:

  • Günter-Hotz-Hörsaal (Building E2.2)
  • Start 28.7. 14:00 - 16:00
  • Please arrive by 13:45, but wait outside of the building (main entrance at the lower end)
  • Please either bring a negative quick test (<24h old), a proof of vaccination (>14 days after final shot), or a proof of recovering (e.g., PCR positive result no older than 6 months and no younger than 4 weeks)
  • Please note that it is necessary for you to bring your medical mouth-nose protection mask (surgical mask or FFP2/KN95/N95 mask) with you. These must be worn whenever you are moving around in the building. It is recommended that everyone (including supervisors) wears protective masks during the entire exam, also while sitting at the seat.
  • Everyone has a fixed seat assigned. You can see your seat in the "Personal Status" page.


Also note the following (will remind again about this on the day before the exam):

If your answer is "yes" to one or more of the following questions, then you are not allowed to attend the exam. If you provide a doctor’s certificate to the examination office later on, the examination attempt will be canceled and will not count.

Did you have definite contact with a Covid-19 patient, who was tested positive, in the last 14 days?

Do you have any of the following symptoms?

  • Cough / Husten
  • Sore throat / Halsschmerzen
  • Nasal congestion / runny nose / Schnupfen ▪ Diarrhoea /Durchfall
  • Fever /Fieber
  • Aches and pains / Gliederschmerzen
  • Loss of smell (e.g. no longer able to smell burnt food) / Geruchsverlust
  • Loss of taste (e.g. unable to distinguish when food is burnt) / Geschmacksverlust”

If a student is not sure about the answer to one of these questions, then he/she has to consult a doctor to decide whether or not his/her health status is critical. If the decision is that he/she can participate, then he/she has to bring a medical certificate along to the exam.

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