Reminder for the Exam

Written on 21.06.22 by Antoine Joux

As mentioned in the calendar, the exam for the lecture will take place in CISPA's main lecture hall on July 12th at 14:00.


Algorithms for Cryptanalysis


The goal of this course is to familiarise the students with the variety of algorithmic techniques that are used in cryptanalysis and with the mathematical background underlying these techniques.

The course will be arranged around three main directions:

  • Presentation of the cryptographic motivation
  • Description of relevant algorithmic techniques
  • Application of the algorithms in the cryptographic context


The techniques covered in the course will range from fundamental algorithms such as sorting which are essential in many cryptanalyses to advanced factorisation and discrete logarithm algorithms on finite field and elliptic curves, requiring a working knowledge of number theory.


Reading material for the course is available from the Library. See Here.


--------------------- WHERE/WHEN ---------------------

Unless there are technical incidents, the lecture will be captured in the lecture hall at CISPA, broadcasted on zoom and, if possible, recorded.

It occurs on Tuesday at 14:00, see the timetable to see the dates of all lectures.


The zoom feed will be here:

ID : 941 1340 0265
Secret Code : zxT#14



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