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Biomedical Privacy

This proseminar gives an overview about the latest research in the area of biomedical privacy.

Are you concerned about your privacy? You encrypt your computer's hard disk, delete your browsing cookies and avoid social networks? But what about the biological traces you leave behind, such as genome, epigenome, microbiome? Never thought about it? Then come to our seminar and learn about the latest attacks and defenses on biomedical data. Don't worry, you do not need any background on the biology, we will learn what we need in the first proseminar meetings.

You will read one research paper closely and prepare an oral presentation as well as a short, written summary of the paper. We meet once a week (every Friday at 2 pm) and listen and discuss presentations. The first few meetings will be devoted to getting some background in biomedical privacy, how to do a good presentation and how to write a good summary.

In case of questions, please contact Inken Hagestedt (

Where: Fridays 2:15-4 pm, Room 0.06 in the Cispa Building E 9.1

Requirements: curiosity and motivation

Places: 15



What do I have to do in the proseminar?

  • read one assigned paper closely and critically
  • present the key facts of "your" paper to the other students within 30 minutes (+ 15 minutes discussion afterwards), we require a practice talk in the week before your presentation right before the proseminar meetings (12 am - 2 pm)
  • summarize "your" paper in your own words (at most three pages in a Latex template we provide) and submit it together with your presentation, we give quick feedback and you have the possibility to submit an updated version within a week
  • attend all proseminar meetings and engage in critical discussions of the presented papers

Where do I register?

Please register in the general seminar registration and assignment system The system will automatically assign you to (pro-)seminars. You got assigned to this proseminar? Great, but don't forget to register in the Hispos system as well. If you do not register there, your grade can not be entered and you fail the course.

Which paper will I present?

As soon as the final assignment of students to seminars is done, we will publish a list of papers from which you can choose your preferences. We will assign papers according to these preferences as quickly as possible to give you enough time to prepare your talk.

I have no clue about biology and/or medicine, is that a problem?

Not at all! We will learn the key biological and medical concepts needed in the beginning of the course, but that is really not much.

How will my final grade be computed?

You can get at most 10 points in your presentation, at most 10 for your summary and at most 5 for your engagement in the discussions. These points will be mapped to actual grades in the end.

Will the proseminar be held in English?

Yes, because all the literature is in English.

What if I am sick and can not attend the meeting?

If you miss one meeting in the semester, inform the instructors via mail ( and get well soon. If you miss more than one meeting, you have to provide a written excuse from a doctor (known as "Attest" in German).

If you get sick at your assigned presentation date, you always need a written excuse from a doctor and your presentation will be rescheduled. If you get sick at your assigned practice talk date, you can excuse yourself via mail to the instructors and your practice talk can be rescheduled. The deadline for the final summary submission can be extended by a few days if you get sick and notify the instructors via mail in time. Failure to follow these attendance rules leads to failure of the proseminar. 

I have another question...

Please don't hesitate to ask Inken via mail.

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