Next Seminar on 18.8.2021

Written on 30.07.2021 22:27 by Stella Wohnig

Dear All,

The next seminar takes place on 18.8. at 15:00. This week only one student presents, free spots still available. Due to other responsibilities, there is only one seminar on 1.9. so if you want a spot please register quickly.

Session A:
Atul Anand Jha

Meeting-ID: 967 8620 5841
Kenncode: BT!u5=

Speaker: Atul Anand Jha
Type of talk: MAster Thesis presentation    
Advisor: Dr. Sven Bugiel, Prof. Dr. Cas Cremers
Title: Device Identification and Mutual Attestation     
Research Area: Secure and Trusted Computing


In this thesis we propose Device Identification and Mutual Attestation,
DIMA- a hardware-software co-design with minimalist trust
anchor and elaborate key derivation and attestation scheme to prove device identity and
firmware integrity. We perform detailed requirement analysis for implementing DIMA on
generic embedded device and realize a PoC implementation. Along with point-to-point
implementation, we also propose DIMA for device networks with peer-to-peer distributed
attestation models which is the first of it’s kind to the best of our knowledge.


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