Exam Question on current sheet + Quiz

Written on 10.06.2021 17:05 by Stella Wohnig

Dear Students,

the number of hand-ins this week is rather low, so I'm bringing to your attention that we put a modified old exam question on the sheet, you may want to give that one a shot, if you do any task at all this week :)

Also we had to again change the grading of our quiz. The correct answer to question 5 would have been sqrt(2^n), which I put in as sqrt(n) as a typo, so we took this question out of grading as the "correct" answer is quite ambiguous. Sorry for the inconvenience.

For the definition of collissions in the exam please note, that we consider /sets/ that is if the unordered pair (w,x) is a collission i.e. H(w)=H(x), then H(x)=H(w) too, but (x,w) counts as the same collisison as (w,x) in our books. Because that wasn't super clear prior to the test, we have accepted answers that took this as two different collisions this time!

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