Exam Modalities

Written on 04.08.2021 10:04 by Nico Döttling

Dear Students,

in addition to the exam packing list (1 cheat sheet A4 front and back, non-programmable calculator, student ID and ID), please mind that you are not allowed to use any additional materials, in particular smart phones. The only exception from this are English dictionaries. You are allowed to answer the exam questions in either German or English.

The exam will start at 10:00 straight, so make sure to be at the lecture hall you were assigned to no later than 9:45. If you arrive late you will risk not being seated and missing the exam. The exam will end at 12:00, and in the last 30 minutes (i.e. after 11:30) you will not be allowed anymore to hand in your exam early and leave.

Good Luck!

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