First Midterm Exam

Written on 04.06.2024 15:41 by Janik Huth

Dear students,

the first midterm exam will take place June 12th in the lecture halls E2.5 001 and E2.5 003.


The rooms are assigned using the following rule:

Let ‘id’ be the student ID number of a registered student.

If (id mod 2) = 1, please come to lecture hall E2.5 001.

If (id mod 2) = 0, please come to lecture hall E2.5 003.



Everything covered in the lecture and tutorials up to the midterm exam (including the lecture on Thursday this week) and Tutorial sheets 1-6 will be relevant for the midterm exam.

The midterm exam will be open book, you are allowed to bring any number of books and sheets to the exam. No electronic devices are allowed.

Please remember to bring your student ID to the exam. We will start the exam at 16:15, please be at the lecture hall at 16:10 at the latest.

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