Exam postponed

Written on 19.01.2021 08:55 by Ben Stock

Given that the Covid situation does not seem to be getting that much better, I have decided to not expose you to (additional) risks by travelling to the university to take the exam as planned on February 9th. Instead, after discussing the examination office, I have decided to move the exam to April 1 (sorry, no April fool's joke here). This is to allow to have backup oral exams within the first two weeks of the new semester. Obviously, there will not be a written backup exam on April 9.

Please understand that I haven't taken this decision lightly, but I strongly disagree with the university's policy to go ahead with on-site exams as scheduled. Also, we will use the time until April 1 to prepare for the possibility of an open book exam, should the infection numbers still not be low enough to warrant on-site exams. In that case, you'd take that exam remotely (somehow..).

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