Exam tomorrow and updates for the backup exam

Written on 31.03.2021 17:20 by Ben Stock

For tomorrow's exam, you will have to attest to the fact that you are willing and able to take the exam. For that, Nico has built a small Web app which asks for this. For everyone attending the exam, there is a link now in your "Personal Status" page. Please ensure that the link works already now (and you do not get any errors). If everything works, this should show you the time remaining until the exam. Should there be an error and you believe to have registered for the exam, contact Nico right away.

Also, I have some news for the backup exam. My original plan was to have an in-person main exam on April 1 and then oral backup exams on April 15. Both would have required you to study the material and be able to answer questions from your memory. Since we have changed the format of the main exam to be open book, having a closed-book exam after does not allow for a fair comparison of results. Therefore, the backup exam will also be an open book written exam. The registration through the CMS will be possible after we have announced the results of the main exam. Note that only registration and unregistration through the CMS will count. If you fail to register in time, you will not be able to take the backup exam. If you fail to unregister in time, this will count as a failed attempt at the exam.

Finally, as far as the exam results, we will upload the graded submissions to the CMS for you to look at. You will be given the option to discuss grading early next week, details will follow. 

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