Exam results

Written on 05.04.2021 15:45 by Ben Stock

The results for your exams are now available, thanks to a big effort by the tutors. Overall, the feeling students mentioned about the amount of tasks was correct and we have reacted accordingly. As you will see from the gradescale table, the limit for passing the exam is 40/120 points and the 1.0 was awarded from 80/120 points upward. We will adjust the backup exam accordingly to have ~1/3 less tasks. I want to stress again that it was very hard to judge the effort up front, since all prior experience with exams were regular written exams.

I would like to note that based on the regulations, you can improve your grade once if you have passed, but only within the same semester. That is, if you passed, but are not happy with your grade, you can improve it in the backup exam. If you have not passed and pass the backup exam, you cannot improve your grade.

The tutor's feedback for your submission is visible in the CMS. We will do a "exam inspection" of sorts on Wednesday (details to follow). Please take a look at your feedback and if you either do not understand a certain point in the grading or disagree with it, come to the exam inspection. 

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