Further Information on Exercise 09 and 10

Geschrieben am 01.07.2019 15:10 von Christian Rossow

A few announcements regarding the exercise sheets:

  • Task 9.4 of sheet #9 contains a task that you cannot solve yet. You thus do not have to provide a solution to it. We will add +2 points to your submission if (!) you obtain at least 1 point for any other task of sheet #9.
  • Exercise sheet #10 will be the last graded sheet of CySec II. As it is slightly larger than usual, you can start working on it already today (= now). You can find it in CMS, as usual, just three days earlier. We will offer office hours next week Mon-Wed in which you can ask questions. Find the exact time slots on the exercise sheet.
  • You will need 89 points overall (sheets 1-10) to be admitted to the CySec II exams.
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