Registration for this course is open until Friday, 03.11.2023 23:59.


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This course is primarily intended for BSc Cybersecurity students, for whom this course is mandatory! For students from other fields of study, participation cannot be guaranteed!

CySec Project Winter Term '23/24

Please register for this course if you intend to do the CyberSecurity Project (9CP) this winter term.


Project presentations & course kick-off

The course kick-off and project presentations will take place TBA 

Location: TBA


Project selection and assignment

Please follow this procedure:

             0. Attend the kick-off meeting to learn about the project topics that are being offered. 

  1. Check the project descriptions in the CMS and on the slides. Contact the "project sponsor" to clarify things (e.g., if you are unsure that you fulfill the requirements, timeframe, etc.)
  2. Enter the names of your favorite projects in the CMS. Deadline: TBA
  3. We will assign topics and try to fit every student to their preferred topics, but cannot make guarantees (e.g. depends on how well the students' interests are distributed)
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