Project 01 Results

Written on 10.03.2023 12:01 by Marius Smytzek

Dear Students,

You can find your points for Project 01 on your Personal Status page. We included feedback (download the .txt file) which reports the passed and failed tests. 

The points for Task 1 were given as follows:

- If you pass all public tests, you receive 50 points and pass the project.

- The 21 secret tests linearly map to the other 10 points, e.g., if you pass 15 tests, you receive seven points; if you pass eight tests, you receive 3.5 points.


The points for Task 2 were given based on how well you identified the faulty location for a subject (the higher the index in the rank, the better) and how unique you identified the location based on how many locations have the same suspiciousness and how many locations are ranked higher. For the index, we also considered the suspiciousness (if available); if two locations have the same suspicion, they have the same index. We calculated a score for 11 subjects (identification x uniqueness) and mapped the average for all subjects linearly to 40 points.


Contact us if there is something wrong with the reported errors so we will double-check them.

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