Data-driven Understanding of the Disinformation Epidemic Savvas Zannettou, Yang Zhang

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Data-driven Understanding of the Disinformation Epidemic


Arguably, one of the greatest inventions of humanity is the Web. Despite the fact it revolutionized our lives, the Web has also introduced or amplified a set of several social issues like the spread of disinformation and hateful content to a large number of people.

In this seminar, we will look into research that focuses on extracting insights from large corpus of data with the goal to understand emerging socio-technical issues on the Web such as the dissemination of disinformation and hateful content. We will read, present, and discuss papers that follow a data-driven approach to analyze large-scale datasets across several axes to study the multi-faceted aspects of emerging issues like disinformation.

During this seminar, the participants will have the opportunity to learn about state-of-the-art techniques and tools that are used for large-scale processing, including, but not limited to, statistical techniques, machine learning, image analysis, and natural language processing techniques.



Location: online via Zoom

Lecturers: Savvas Zannettou and Yang Zhang

Assistants: Xinlei He (, Zheng Li (, Rui Wen (

Time: Every Wednesday 14:00-15:30, starting from April 21st

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