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Embedded Systems Security (Seminar and Proseminar)

From critical infrastructure to consumer electronics, embedded systems are all around us and underpin the technological fabric of everyday life. As a result, the security of embedded systems is crucial to us.

This seminar covers research papers addressing various topics in embedded systems security. This includes topics such as instruction profiling (template attack), fault injection and side-channel attacks, firmware static and dynamic analysis, intrusion detection in embedded systems, automotive/space systems security, and fuzzing embedded systems.



The course portal is for both seminar and proseminar students. The proseminar students do not write the final survey (see Deliverables for more details). The seminar/proseminar is structured into 5 parts:

  • You will write a short survey paper on the main topic of your assigned papers category (Seminar students only)
  • You present a paper or group of papers on a specific topic on embedded systems security individually. Others will prepare questions about the topic.
  • You review one survey paper of others and raise questions about them.
  • You write a one-page summary of others' presentations.
  • You improve your original survey results based on the feedback from others (Seminar students only)


Survey (Seminar students only)

You will be assigned a topic (related to your assigned paper) for which you will read and summarize the current research in a survey paper. (6 pages).  The resulting survey papers will undergo a peer review process similar to academic conferences. This includes review by other teams, rebuttal, and revision phases in which everyone must participate.



Each participant will read up a paper and give an overview presentation about it. Other individuals should also read the paper and prepare research questions about the paper and a one page description of the paper. Students then will discuss limitations and open issues given the previously conducted work.




Each participant will read two survey paper and write a review about it. The reviewer then decides if the paper should get accepted or rejected.


Important Dates

  • Kick off meeting and paper assignments: TBA (Every week X from X to X)
  • Submission of survey paper: TBA
  • Submission of reviews: TBA
  • PC Meeting: TBA


  • Final survey paper (40 % of your final grade for seminar students, 0% for proseminar students)
  • Reviews and questions (30 % of your final grade for seminar students, 50% of final grade for proseminar students)
  • Presentation (30 % of your final grade for seminar and 50% for proseminar students)
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