CMS Updates and Team Groupings

Written on 27.04.2022 18:05 by Alexander Dax

Hi all,

as announced this morning in the lecture, we did update the CMS and will also clarify the team groupings here:



The CMS got some updates today so please check the main page again. 
The most important changes contain:
- There is now a link to the Discord server (which will be used for the office hours)
- We reduced the number of total assignments from 5 to 4
- We added information to the timetable (it will be updated again, so check it regularly)
- We updated the Material section. Note: we will upload the recordings of the lectures as well in the next few days. Materials and recordings for the upcoming lectures will be uploaded in a timely manner.

Team Groupings

As already mentioned in the CMS and in the lecture, assignments as well as the final project are made for groups of two people.
In the CMS you will find the feature to register or join a group. Please do so until the 17.05.2022 AND before you submit the first assignment that will be released next week. You can use the Forum in the CMS as well as the Discord to look for teammates. If it was not possible to find a teammate until the deadline, please contact us, so we can discuss further steps.



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