Lectures are every week on Wednesday, 10:00 - 12:00 on Zoom (links in calendar). We start at 10:00 sharp.

We organize them similar to a seminar:

  • Before the lecture:
    • read the current chapter in the lecture script (see materials). Really do it. It is important. Please.
    • Additional materials: recordings from last year (here) and slides (see materials).
    • Highlight the parts that don't make sense and move on.
  • During the lecture:
    • We discuss the script, and interact.
    • Demo sessions.

Q&A Session
The Q&A session runs every week on Friday, 10:00 - 12:00 on Zoom. We use Miro as the whiteboard.

Same system as for SYS: We will answer questions that pop up on Askbot (see the menu of the course page), even those that appear in anonymous form.
Participation is strongly recommendedDO ask your questions on Askbot: no questions (up until the Q&A session) means no Q&A.


Exercises are not mandatory. They are graded to give you an idea of your progress. Please provide quality solutions in written form, English or German, clear, precise, formal. Handwritten answers are okay. Submit your solution in PDF format on CMS (not by email). Solve them in groups of any size.


Instead of an exam, this part of the course concludes with a small project.

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